Pinterest preparedness

I, like millions of other women, am slightly obsessed with Pinterest. It completely appeals to my hoarder/rodent-like tendency to collect shiny objects and categorize them into perfectly curated groups.

I didn’t get really (p)interested until I noticed that other emergency management professionals were using it to collect and share news, infographics, and videos about the industry. Patrice Cloutier is especially notable for this—I honestly think I get 96% of my EM news from the things he pins.

But my favourite thing about Pinterest is actually Mommy bloggers, who post things like this: An incredibly comprehensive guide to creating a survival kit for your family. Or this: A Life Management Binder including family documents and emergency information.

This would be perfect for keeping in an Emergency Go Bag

Say what you will about Pinterest making people craft or design-crazy–I think this is a fantastic way to share resources and inspire more people to take emergency preparedness seriously. Even if your kit is in shades of pink and green, your family is more prepared because of it.

Some emergency printables

More Printables

Emergency Preparedness Board

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