Is it a snow day if it means more schoolwork?

On the list of things I have learned many times but still do anyway, not doing homework on my bed is in the top ten. They say that you should really only use your bed for sleeping and sex, but when I really, really don’t want to do homework and know I have to, sometimes it can make me feel better to do it in/on my bed.

At this very moment, I’m on my bed, surrounded by homework, my iPad, the contents of my purse, and about half the clothes I’m planning on taking with me on my trip to Florida.

To be fair, while my Dad is painting his room, my room at home is filled with his bookcases and my desk is covered with debris that has migrated in here the two months since I was home last. My bed is pretty much the only space available to do homework.

Last night my brother took the bus from London and met me at school. Our plan was to spend the night out with my friends and then drive home. I leave for Florida Saturday afternoon and he leaves Sunday. Unfortunately, because of this crazy snow, we decided to drive home last night. I think my Dad was especially relieved, and so am I, when I look out my window and see this:

The snow may be a bit of a blessing in disguise, because I have so much homework to do that I’m afraid I wont have much of a vacation at all! I have to write a 15 page paper on an issue that’s faced during the recovery process, put together a manual for an Emergency Operations Centre, and figure out a narrative for an IMS-based exercise. On top of that are various smaller tasks for the groups I’m a part of! So all this snow is a really good excuse to stay in and get work done before Florida!

I have to admit, it’s also nice to be out of residence for a change! When I try to do homework in my room at school, it can be so hard to concentrate with people coming in to ask for guest passes, access to the housekeeping closet, and other concerns. It can also be very tempting to pay more attention to my RA duties (like bulletin boards, suite visits, log sheets, etc) when they seem so much easier than homework. I hope that reading week will be a much deserved break, and I can return to Res with my batteries re-charged.


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