Emergency information and late night rounds

Today I’m struggling to complete an Emergency Information Plan for class on Thursday. The assignment is to write a plan that, in the event of an emergency, will act as a guide for the Emergency Information Officer, whose job it is to make sure that the media and the public have fast, accurate information about the emergency.

The assignment is difficult because I’m trying to incorporate social media into my plan. At this moment, not very many information plans include social media, but it’s become an increasingly important tool for emergency managers. It can also be incredibly dangerous because of the rapidity that incorrect information can be spread. I’m trying to create a policy that will prevent the spread of misinformation while utilizing the benefits of sites like Facebook and Twitter. Our instructors are always telling us not to reinvent the wheel. Most of this assignment is taking bits and pieces from other plans and altering them to fit our needs, but the lack of examples is  making this assignment challenging.

I’m also struggling because I was up until 4 last night on rounds. This was partly by my own choosing. Usually RAs are done at 1 on weekends while SRAs stay on call with security, but because so many RAs are applying for SRA next year, the SRA on call told us we could stay and help. And it was a busy night. A kegger off campus got shut down by the police, which meant that it migrated back to residence. We had to escort a number of people off campus and deal with some rather unruly guests. It sounds crazy that this actually constitutes a good night, but it was actually so much fun. It makes a real difference when you have a good relationship with your residents to begin with, as well as a strong team to back you up. I’m also pretty good at calming people down when they get worked up, which was nice to practice.


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